Anyone who knows me, knows I love reading as much as I love writing. I’m never without a book to read before bed, or in my spare time. I’ve always been a nerd and I can’t see that ever changing!

Quotes, sayings, song lyrics, etc. have always interested me on a really deep level. By ‘really deep level’, I mean that when I’m listening to music, for instance; I’m not only hearing the beat. I’m intently listening to the words and relating them to an experience of my own. I love how music can do that. I feel the same about quotes, sayings, etc. 

They are a tool I use to seek inspiration, and I’ve come to find I live my life by some of those words. They’ll come to mind when I’m dealing with parts of life, and the emotion that goes along with those parts of life – happiness, sadness, success, failure, joy, fear. The list is endless. 

I thought that if these words in the form of a song, saying, quote, and the like, help me through life – it may help someone else. 

That is what this section of my blog is dedicated to; inspiring others using feelings written down or put to music.

I hope they make a difference in your life the way they do in mine.